Capital Office has developed a solid foundation to build long-term GSA business that we find eminently rewarding. Our company holds a Comprehensive Furniture Management Services contract to facilitate seamless procurement for contracting personnel. We employ a dedicated GSA representative in our corporate office in Anchorage to serve our important Government and Military customers. In Fairbanks and Juneau we have cross-trained our personnel to be able to address the needs of our GSA customers in those areas. Our professional team is ready to help our GSA customers with new furniture projects, furniture reconfigure projects or furniture refurbishment.

Capital Office has a service history in Alaska that dates back to 1946. Providing goods and services to military and government customers throughout the years has been a prominent part of our business model, allowing us to successfully translate the specific needs of our customers into innovative furniture solutions Our company represents over 295 manufacturers offering a host of commercial, contract, hospitality, healthcare, lab and occasional furniture. Capital Office delivers professional services for entire list of products our company represents. Our service portfolio includes in-house professional interior design, CAD furniture and space planning, project management, installation, inventory and asset management and warehousing. Our broad scope of in-house capabilities allows us to effectively communicate and track any project from initial contact through product procurement and satisfactory installation.

The bottom line...GSA rules and regulations demand that providers understand FAR’s and understand government procurement. Capital Office Systems is committed to the relentless pursuit of GSA business and we work with our vendors and our customers to achieve the highest level of adherence in procurement, performance and product placement.