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Contract #GS-29F-0016P
Contract Administrator: Tanya Kandzer
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Company Overview
Description of Product and Services by Sin w/Corresponding Fees
-SIN 712.1 Project Management (Furniture/Furnishings Related)
-SIN 712.3 Reconfiguration/Relocation Management
-SIN 712.4 Furniture Design/Layout
Labor Rates


Capital Office is wholly owned and operated as a ''dba'' under QUB''D International Inc. Established in 1946, Capital Office provides our clients with comprehensive furniture and furniture related services. Our highly professional and experienced consultants strategize with customers for optimum solutions and applications. We employ industry experts skilled in space planning, interior design, furniture needs assessment and design, product specifications, assembly, refurbishing, installations, move management and planning.

With three locations in the state, Capital Office has become the premiere leader of design services, product specification, and installation for the office furniture industry in Alaska. We strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients by understanding our client's current challenges, define their immediate and long-term needs, address and assist with planning, and integrate the most effective product and design application. We do not "up-sell" our clients. Instead, we educate our clients on the available and appropriate applications for their unique needs. We believe this helps the client make an informed decision and establishes a long term and satisfactory relationship.



SIN 712.1 - Project Management (Furniture/Furnishings Related)

Our project management program has been expertly developed over the past seventy years. To assist our clients with each project, we select the most appropriate Project Manager (PM) for the project type, applications, and location. This designated PM acts as COS' Point of Contact (POC) during the length of the project. The PM provides scheduling, contract administration, communication, and coordinates the needs of all concerned to ensure compliance throughout the various contract phases. At the onset of each project the PM schedules an initial meeting with all pertinent Capital Office personnel, subcontractors, and the Customer Agency's POC. Each subcontractor, installer, etc has the opportunity to review the plans, discuss any questions or identify significant issues for clarification or suggested solutions, as well as allowing the subcontractors to express their individual concerns or conflicts. Once the meetings have been held, budgets determined, and a walk-through completed, scheduling begins.

SIN 712.3 - Reconfiguration/Relocation Management

Capital Office prides itself on its unique partnership with the client. This open relationship, along with consistent and clear communication, helps define the client's objectives while ensuring comprehensive understanding by all parties involved.  Again once meetings have been held, budgets determined, a walk through completed scheduling begins. The PM controls the chart of schedules and maintains its implementation. The PM also monitors the implementation of the approved plan and the production activities.

SIN 712.4 - Furniture Design/Layout

Capital Office subcontracts the services of 1workplace design, LLC for some of our design services. 1workplace design, is a subsidiary of QUB'D International Inc. and they share office space with Capital Office. This allows the Capital Office PM to work closely with design services ensuring a flawless production from start to finish.  In turn, the designers of 1workplace design work closely with the Customer Agency's POC and any relevant management personnel the POC may wish to include in the initial strategy session. This strategy session is used to analyze the Customer Agency's furniture requirements as compared to existing inventory, space limitations, and needs. In addition, we will discuss the overall office environment and methodologies of the Customer Agency, as well as the current work flow and special space/needs (electrical/data/IT) requirements. When permitted, the designer addresses concerns of other personnel to determine the end-user needs. The data are compiled either through surveys or one on one, on-site interviews. Depending on the budget of the Customer Agency, the designer can create several scenarios of design and furniture specifications. The client may then "pick and choose" based on theory budgetary constraints and/or the professional attitude they wish to convey in the ultimate design.

Labor Rates: SIN's 712.1, 712.3, 712.4

Labor/Task CategoryUnitGSA RateCross References to position descriptions:

Project Managerhrly 78.00 Project Manager, Design Manager/Lead Designer

Installer hrly 37.00 Sales Coordinator, Service Lead, Lead Installer, Installer I & II

Installer After Hours hrly 55.00 Service Lead, Lead Installer, Installer
I & II

Servicehrly 37.00 Service Lead, Lead Installer, Installer
I & II

Tecnical/Power File hrly 69.00 Installer II

Design Manager/Director hrly 78.00 Design Manager

Designer hrly 64.50 Interior Designer/Space Planner

CAPS Designer hrly 69.00 Interior Designer/Space Planner

Technical/CAD Assist hrly 64.50 Interior Designer/Space Planner

*All fees inclusive of .75% Industrial Funding Fee