At A Glance


At A Glance

Space Planning

Space... a huge contribution to your bottom line.

Space planning and design for real people in a real world - sounds easy...

however, no two businesses or even two divisions within a business operate the same – each environment hosts different challenges, has different needs and offers a foundation for multi functions. That’s why today’s businesses seek professional guidance when planning organizational space.

Revolutionary change occurs almost daily in technology, communications and business practice.  The results of these changes affect how we do business.  Planning for real-world applications and unknown changes that will affect your organization is not an easy task, that’s why Capital Office has invested in developing a professional design team.  Our design team receives constant industry updates and manufacturer training that enhances expertise in creating innovative, flexible, efficient, functional workspace which reflects the values and mission of each client. 

Simply stated...our goal is designing space that demonstrates the highest level of functional quality, economy, aesthetics and creativity.

Interior Design

Capital Office's design approach is solution-driven and committed to each of our clients. Our team of professionally trained designers utilizes the latest technology to develop design concepts, produce as-builts, layouts, and 3-d drawings to facilitate the project goals.

Our design services include:

Defining project scope


Design development

Space planning

Furniture and interior finish selection

Furniture application and specifications

Installation plans

Furniture migration strategies

Standards programs

Color boards and presentation boards

Project Management

The Capital Office team of Project Managers has one goal – complete customer satisfaction.  Our Project managers are trained to manage each project and every team to ensure that every project is completed on time, within budget, and that we have met all of the project requirements.  Behind the scenes, your Project Manager will work with every member of the team to insure that you receive the best advice on ordering product; they will check to insure your space is verified and recorded in a permanent file; they will review your order for accuracy; they will check on the delivery of the product and work with you to establish an install date that meets with your approval.  Whether transitioning from old product to new or moving into a new location, having the expertise of a Capital Office Project Manager reduces the burden for your staff.

Asset Management

Capital Office offers over 7000 sq feet of secure, temperature controlled warehouse space in Anchorage for customers desiring off site management and storage of excess inventory.  Our warehouse manager ensures that your inventory is maintained accurately to reflect any additions/removals. You can count on our team to insure that your product is stored correctly.

Our Services Include :

Off-site storage for effective furniture warehousing

Accurate electronic inventory and parts list

Product application and analysis

Annual documentation for budget purposes

Move Management

Capital Office has extensive experience managing a wide variety of office re-locations. Our project teams work with clients to oversee the entire move process  from pre-planning to implementation and have a demonstrated record of successful move projects. As with any project, the key to an efficient, successful move is communication, thorough pre-planning and detailed coordination.  Our goal is to gain comprehensive knowledge of the project and provide the services to ensure success.  Whether you are relocating to space within your existing building, across town, or to another city, our team is available to make the undertaking a success.

We provide :

Pre-move logistical support

Competent and customer focused relocation staff

Multi-manufacturer furniture knowledge

100% on-time completion record

Accurate time tracking system

Post project evaluations


Capital Office takes pride in the experience and knowledge that we offer in managing and implementing furniture reconfigurations for our customers.  Regardless of the size or scope of the work – Capital Office Systems provides the most comprehensive knowledge, the most specialized design and project management expertise to help you transform your existing workspace into the space that meets your vision.

Our services include :

In-house Design Service

In-house furniture installation staff

Experience with all major product lines

Project Management

Electrical & Cabling services

National Network Services

Refurbishing and Repair

Capital Office has the expertise and the knowledge to maintain your capital investments in top condition. Together with established local sub-contractors, we are committed to extending the life on your existing product. Our team will handle each “face lift” with the utmost care to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Services Offered :

Reupholster service

Paint touch-up

Fabric cleaning

Wood repair and refinish

Highly trained service team


 The Affordable Financial Option

Capital Office and Steelcase Financial work together to offer the financial solution that best meets the goals and objectives of your business.  Call us for a consultation on financing new product, a renovation, and remodel, or product replacement.

Affordable leasing

Fixed rate finance programs

Upgrade more affordably

Financial programs designed specifically to target your organization goals

Customarily we add fun!


Installation Services

Installation Services

Capital Office Systems employs highly qualified installation crews to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service.

Project Management

We provide our clients with a refined project management process and the best possible installation. Careful review of the plans & specifications with the designers and client ensures a clear understanding of the client's needs. The use of the best available technology allows everyone on the team to easily monitor progress and provide feedback. By tracking the delivery process and coordinating with contractors, architects and customer contacts, we ensure the best possible installation in the least amount of time.

Our Services Include

  • In-house design service

  • In-house furniture installation staff

  • Experience with all major product lines

  • Electrical & Cabling Services

  • National Network Services

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Federal Services

Federal Services

Capital Office has developed a solid foundation to build long-term GSA business that we find eminently rewarding. Our company holds a Comprehensive Furniture Management Services contract to facilitate seamless procurement for contracting personnel. We employ a dedicated GSA representative in our corporate office in Anchorage to serve our important Government and Military customers. In Fairbanks and Juneau we have cross-trained our personnel to be able to address the needs of our GSA customers in those areas. Our professional team is ready to help our GSA customers with new furniture projects, furniture reconfigure projects or furniture refurbishment.

Capital Office has a service history in Alaska that dates back to 1946. Providing goods and services to military and government customers throughout the years has been a prominent part of our business model, allowing us to successfully translate the specific needs of our customers into innovative furniture solutions Our company represents over 295 manufacturers offering a host of commercial, contract, hospitality, healthcare, lab and occasional furniture. Capital Office delivers professional services for entire list of products our company represents. Our service portfolio includes in-house professional interior design, CAD furniture and space planning, project management, installation, inventory and asset management and warehousing. Our broad scope of in-house capabilities allows us to effectively communicate and track any project from initial contact through product procurement and satisfactory installation.

The bottom line...GSA rules and regulations demand that providers understand FAR’s and understand government procurement. Capital Office Systems is committed to the relentless pursuit of GSA business and we work with our vendors and our customers to achieve the highest level of adherence in procurement, performance and product placement.